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"We are like a sports team - every single one of us has our role to play, each is totally essential, and none of us could deliver the big results on which so many animals depend without the help and support of all the others, delivered each and every day."

- Tim Ridgway, Animal Equality UK staff member, 2017 - Present

Animal Equality UK is the British division of an international charity which is itself part of a larger movement still, one that spans the entire globe. Here in the United Kingdom, we are one of many organisations committed to delivering a better world for animals, one in which they are respected and protected. The Animal Equality UK team is made up of a network of supporters, volunteers, donors and activists who selflessly give their time and resources to help animals. In this sense, working for Animal Equality very much means being part of wider community and movement. These are great sources of strength, support and solidarity for our staff.

Nevertheless, the resources of our movement are tiny as compared to those of factory farming and other animal abusing industries. And despite the growing number of people joining our cause, even with respect to something as simple as what is acceptable to have for dinner, both in Britain and the wider world we are still very much in a minority.


As such, we are currently locked into something of a David & Goliath battle - one in which we are undoubtedly the underdog, but also in which we are the standard bearers for decency and compassion, kindness and respect towards other living, feeling beings. It is therefore, quite simply, a battle we cannot afford to lose.

Working for Animal Equality UK is intensely gratifying. Our dedicated team is made up of bold, courageous people who are willing to challenge the status quo.

Our work is very high impact - literal life and death stakes for countless animals - and so we are each very much aware of just how important it is for us to not only deliver in our own roles but to support and strengthen the work of others on the team too.

We are committed to professional excellence, wanting to ensure we are directly contributing to the effectiveness of the organisation and the delivery of its core mission. As such, we both give and expect to receive constructive feedback from colleagues. Any opportunity to learn, improve and upskill is encouraged and supported by both management and colleagues.

We all work remotely, so have the luxury of being able to work from home pretty much all the time (short of the occasional meeting or event requiring physical attendance). Our staff team is thus fairly widely spread across the UK and any new staff member joining can be based anywhere in Great Britain. The only internal meeting requiring physical attendance is a once-monthly team meeting in London, which we all attend. This is a great opportunity to get know colleagues better as well as further align workflows and projects.

We use video conferencing software as well as online chat functions (and good old-fashioned email) a lot to facilitate easy collaboration. We meet remotely once a week as a whole UK team, to make sure we're all aligned and working as efficiently as possible.

We are a friendly and collegiate bunch. In addition to the regular team meetings and work-focused collaboration between colleagues, we make time to socialise with each other and get to know each other as people too - we even have a "water cooler" chat scheduled so we can socilalise a bit and get to know colleagues better in between our monthly in-person meetings.


Overall, it's a great experience working for Animal Equality UK. It is very important work, critical to moving society in the right direction over time which will make a massive difference to literally millions of animals. And it's individually high impact work with every team member's contributions being vital to the success of what we're doing. It's stimulating and career-developing work with the skills and experience gained advancing our professional capabilities. And, lastly, it's work with great colleagues who are both friendly and supportive whilst also stretching us professionally.

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