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We are a team of passionate staff, volunteers and donors committed to creating a more compassionate world for animals

Animal Equality was founded in 2006 by Sharon Núñez, Javier Moreno and Jose Valle with one mission: to protect animals.


The enthusiasm for and commitment to that mission has only grown since then and has enabled us to deliver impactful results for animals across the world.


Today, Animal Equality is one of the most effective advocacy organisations for farmed animals in the world, working on four continents. We focus our work in countries where there is the most opportunity to create lasting, systemic change for animals. We work with society, governments and companies so that we can achieve our vision: a world in which all animals are protected and respected.


Here in the Britain, Animal Equality UK is made up of small team of dedicated and passionate staff supported by network of volunteers, donors, and activist.

We seek to bring an end to the systematic suffering of animals at human hands, running campaigns on issues as instituting a UK import ban for foie gras, ending the abuses of Scottish salmon farming, and recently presented a petition signed by over 120,000 people to the UK Prime Minister's Office in No. 10 Downing Street calling for animal abusers to be properly held accountable.

You can find out much more about our work via Animal Equality UK's main site here:

You can also learn more about us as an organisation here:

A full timeline of Animal Equality's development as an organisation can be viewed here:

And you can find out more about Animal Equality's wider work in other countries via our international site here:

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